De Carrousel Zevenaar


Hello Everybody!

We are the children from a Leonardoclass of the primary school ‘De Carrousel’ (= “merry-go-round”). You’ll find our school in Zevenaar, a small city in the Netherlands, near the German border.

“Leonardoclass” is a special type of education, developed esspecially for the gifted children.

They have different courses that you will not find in a regular school: Spanish, English, chess , philosophy, music, mathematics and Dutch.

The teachers try to challenge the children in many different ways and in spite of being gifted, these children also have to learn how to study.  (a whole new and challenging experience for most of them!)

Most children have never had problems learning their lessons. They didn’t need to do homework most of the times. In their old school lessons and activities were ‘easy’ and ‘boring’. Besides, a lot of children felt misunderstood. Teachers and children didn’t understand the meaning of their jokes, their opinion, their worries.

All this changed in the Leonardoclass. Now most things are difficult and it’s hard work coping with almost 16 different subjects!
In the Leonardoclass the children can express their feelings, have found their place, feel appreciated and they are very happy. More and more they become the person they are meant to be.
Isn’t that what you’d like as well?

Below you can find  our drawings || Click on the name to see the drawing and the comments.

Jasper Jasper-1a  Anonymous Anonymous-1a
Mats  Mats-2a Dion Dion-1a
Pepijn  <No drawing> Job Job-1a
Max  Max-1a Lonne Lonne-1a
Marianka  Marianka-1a Dinte Dinte-1a
Sterre  Sterre-1a Sasja Sasja-2
Stella  Stella-1a Roos Roos-1a
Thijmen  Thijmen-1 Isabel Isabel-1a
Sebastiaan  Sebastiaan-1a


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