Lusaka 2010/2011

The first week in Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. It’s located in central south Zambia. I was not doing the project by myself anymore because Jorrit and Justine joined the forces. We were now with 3 instead of just me. This means we could handle much more students at the same time and give more students the opportunity to participate in the project. We also received help from a local Zambian lady, Theresa. She helps us finding schools and to get us around Lusaka. She can also reach the children in Nyanja when some can’t understand English too well.


The second week in Lusaka

We first went to see Bwafwano school in Chawama again and later this week we went to the Garden Community school.


The third week in Lusaka

We went back to Garden community school to start the process of creating the first artworks and we went to Bwafwano school again to do some more of the interviews.

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