Kambisa’s PSO (ANBI) status

Kambisa has the so called ‘ANBI’-status, which means it is recognized as a Public Benefit Organisation (PSO, or ‘ANBI’ in Dutch) by the Dutch authorities. This means, both Kambisa! and those donating to it, can get certain tax exemptions. For instance, you may be able to deduct (part of)  your gift, or even the full amount, if it is a periodical. You can verify our current ANBI-status here. Kambisa’s ANBi number is 815908921 (RSIN).

More information on the ANBI- system can be found at the international site of the Dutch Inland  Revenue Services

Kambisa!BeHeard is registered at the Chambre of Commerce in the Hague under number 272281471. Copies of our constitution, our budgets or our financial reports can be requested here.

Donations are always welcome! You may indicate in the subject field which part of our mission you want to support. We treasure our independence: no donation shall be used to undermine our policies, or promote one line of thinking over another. If you wish to influence our projects or policies, please contact the board or come visit one of our activities.

To help finance our mission, you can:


If you wish your donation to go to a specific part of our mission, please indicate so in the form.
If for any reason we are unable to assign your money accordingly, we will get in touch.


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    Your support is very welcome, and may be tax-deductable. You can check the '6 ways to support Kambisa' page in the menu or use the PayPal button below.

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