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Monday April 4th Kambisa!BeHeard has started a dreamhouses project in Mariahoeve (The Haque) in cooperation with the Diamant College. The aim is to unite the various groups in Mariahoeve. Pupils of the Diamant College are working together with their parents and the neighbouring residents on an exhibition in De Kleine Loods that will be festively opened on the 27th of April.

Dreamhouses project pupils of the Diamant College

The Diamant College is a school with many cultural backgrounds. A lot of pupils do not live in Mariahoeve and because of this they lack the connection with the neighbourhood.

The pupils have been asked to react on dreamhouses that children in Zambia and pupils of other Dutch schools already made. By doing this they think about the choises that are hidden behind a dreamhouse. Do you for instance make room for your whole family or would you rather live there on your own.

Subsequently they make a dreamhouse themselves and ask their parents or grandparents where they used to live themselves, what has changed and what their dreamhouse would look like. Those questions also return when the pupils hit the streets to ask the elderly and neighbouring residents about their housing history and their dreamhouse. During these interviews they also ask for photographs, videos or other materials that can show how Mariahoeve used to be and how the inhabitents would prefer to see their future here.

Exposition De Kleine Loods

With the gathered memories, dreamhouses and fragments of resulting conversations, the pupils compile the eventual exposition. In this way a historic and international network of dreamhouses emerges. Mariahoeve forms the centre where many international backgrounds come together. Not only because of the fact that many different cultures live in this neighbourhood and the neighbourhood has a rich international history, but also because almost all pupils of the Diamant College have a international background themselves. The 27th of April at 15:00 hrs the exposition will festively start. The aim is that on the same day activities will be organised on the parking lot nearby. Think of work shops and performances of pupils and local musicians. The exposition will be there untill the end of May. Part of the exposition in De Kleine Loods will be incorporated in an exposition in the Atrium of the City Hall later this year. The exposition will be there from the 26th of August untill the 16th of September. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

The exposition has been festively opend on the 27th of April with free workshops and performances of local artists and pupils of the Diamant College.

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