What is KamibsaExChange
With Kambisa!ExChange we facilitate the exchange of knowledge between people, letting students and professionals from the Netherlands participate in our projects in Zambia.

Why we do this
People can learn a lot from each other. Not just within their own school or community, but also when they travel to other countries and experience different cultures and mindsets. Especially when they do not just go there for a holiday, but actually work together with local people on and equal basis.

We believe this is not a one way process, where people in developing countries learn from Dutch experts. Just as much, if not more, it works the other way around. People from the Netherlands can learn a great deal from Zambians, challenging their world views and looking critically at the ways they are used to do things.

Results so far
In 2009 we did the first big Kambisa!ExChange project, funded by the Xplore programme of the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs. Twelve Dutch students travelled to Zambia to volunteer for our projects OnScreen, OnStage and Online. They worked together intensively with local youth for a period between six and ten weeks.

You can read more about the projects in their own sections. For personal experiences of the ExChange students, read their blogs in the blog section. (link)

Take part
Interested to gain work experience or do your internship in Zambia with one of the Kambisa! projects? Feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities.

OnScreen 2007 ExChange 2009: OnScreen, OnStage & OnLine
Lusaka 2010/2011Bwafwano-1 2010 – Exchange for kids as a
start for
OnLine: dreamhouses








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