We are looking for….

  • translators
    translating: mostly from one of the local languages into English for the magazine, later we might need things to be the other way round as well….
  • storyfinders & transscribers
    go out of Lusaka centre, find people who want to get their story published and help them getting it in Kambisa! ALLWAYs tell people their story will be used for publication before writing their story down and handing it over!!!!! We need their explicite permission as they remain responsible!!!! Make sure people understand the potential risks of publication under their true name before they agree. If necessary, we can publish things under a fake name, but this has to be indicated. Ask for name, age, sexe and profession/ societal status. Again…the editors of Kambisa! are willing to give you some hints or help when writing.
  • representors
    people to go the organizations, individuals, events etc. which could play part in Kambisa! (f.i. human rights awareness organisations, NGOCC etc) ask them if they know about it, what they think about it, want write a colum for it etc… do so, but do so AFTER consultating the rest of the Kambisa! – people, or at LEAST Klaartje. Though we all want to promote individual freedom, Kambisa! as a project should stand for something, we cant have people going round claiming to do so on our behalf without the rest knowing about it and supporting their stance.
  • digitalizers
    people who can type incoming paperwork into the computer for further editing.
  • editors
    people who can reread other people’s work, comment on it, correct sentences that are too long or confusing, the incorrect use of words etc. This job needs some skill – whether by nature or schooling doesn’t matter, but we need to be able to rely on your work.
  • correctors
    correcting grammar & spelling, people who are fluent in written English.
  • visual artists
    people who can help preparing the final texts for print, who can do the lay-out or help in making some nice illustrations to give some air to the texts or to lively up the cover.
  • marketeers
    people to help promoting the Kambisa! products, to get some media attention, make posters etc. Anybody who can bring us a new advertiser, gets 10% of his first payment. See ‘ adverts’.
  • distributors
    making sure the magazines, DVD and CDs get exposure in as many places as possible, signing ‘contracts’ with the ones selling or …. selling yourself!

And naturally, we need…

  • Ideas
    if you have any ideas of people to interview, stories to be written, production to improve etc etc…. let us know!


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