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Freedom 2004
Logo_$ex August – October 2004 Volume 4 : How would you feel if you were selling your b0dy for ash everynight? What happens the ladies at the streets we we’re hiding between the sheets? Kambisa! number 4 invited prostitutes to tell their stories and a customer to shed some light on some of the nice things some ‘bitches’ had done for him. A medic talked about the risks of HIV in steady relations, Kababula Bupe reminded us not to discriminate on the infected. Poetry was provided by Desh & Bellah, and soccerfan Timmy Hara adressed FIFA about its impartiality. Check it out.
April 2004 Plugins 4Streetkicks (Volume 3) : Streetkicks deals with the lives of the kids living in the streets of Lusaka. The issue tries to encourage people not to look at them as the dirty inpolite nuisances many see in them, but as strong human souls with a capacities which we are failing to turn to the appreciated. To do so, the issue includes a lot of stories of the kids themselves, livelied-up by some action pictures of the young themselves. In addition ‘Streetkicks’ contains articles on love and sex, on the courage of making up your own mind. As allways, there’s space for music (Desh, Saili & GK) and poetry. Read it!
AB/USE  August 2003 Volume 2 : AB/USE is the issue dealing with the use, abuse and non-use of power. Stories on a policemen killing a man over a K3000 (0.60 Euro) beerdebt, defilement and teachers seducing their pupils. Others trying to encourage people to take a critical look at their own behavoir when it comes to HIV or eating chickenburgers at Nando’s. A poem by Matongo, an outlook on the Netherlands and Sunday’s Story #2. Enjoy a shortened version…
 April 2003  

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